Seven sighs.

Today marks yet another day of traveling by train alone to the heart of the city. This time I am much better equipped, carrying a brand new beige handbag with multiple compartments and 400 receipts absent from being crumpled everywhere, a strawberry-shaped coinbag I found from my drawers to finally keep my loose change in one place, and a fresher mind despite having been short on sleep.

Although I’d dreaded the journey the night before, my mood remained pleasant throughout the day. Sungei Wang always provides as an endless bag of thrills at an affordable price and public transport didn’t seem too bad at all today as I gazed out and watched how the tropical sun did not waver in the wake of our Malaysian scene. My job interview went by swimmingly and I like that I can say that I am excited for all the prospects I have in front of me now, that I anticipate the future and can’t wait to contribute in full force.

I bought a Conan comic and a new pen, a white dress I fell in love with at first sight and some clothes for work, tried out an Asian Dolce Latte (lol at the name) and quietly thought of funnies while loudly singing to Gotye in my head, thinking of how weird my relationship with his hit song is, having had it shift from hate to like to uber love. I thought of my newly made friends, of how excited I feel everyday by the thrill of drawing and by never knowing what will flow out of the nib of my pen, be it in words or nondescript lines urging to make sense. I am in love with Rhye’s ‘Woman’ album. The song ‘Open’ feels to me like an act of intimacy shared only in private, and it’s beautiful and it’s good and it’s everything I aspire to feel should the circumstances be right.

Little pleasures are enough. It doesn’t take much at all to make me happy. Funny people, especially, are my favorite. I count my blessings and realize that they exceed all ten fingers and toes. I am part of a hospitable unit and I have things going on for me. And perhaps I will always be a little too in love with the world, even in the wake of despair. But today, that feels acceptable.

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2 thoughts on “Seven sighs.”

  1. Little pleasures are intimacy of one tearing up echoes of time which are in fact liveliest actions that make death worthwhile, or so I’d like to believe in many moments of being. You still on that most beautiful motive in this new blog eh… Well not so new. 🙂

    1. Ah, thanks. I do try to fill up my ife with appreciation for those tiny moments of intimacy. Subtle reminders that life is worth living in many ways that may not always be directly visible to the eye.

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