Hey, May.

My week in bullet points:

  • Post-elections left an awful aftertaste in the mouth I am still unable to rinse out.
  • Upon sharing with an acquaintance I met over lunch at work that one of my favourite novels of all time is “The Great Gatsby”, he responded by saying “Aiyo! So depressing la! Makes you want to slit your wrists. He also highly recommended me to read Herman Hesse’s ‘Siddharta’.
  • A Murakami-esque Wednesday: walking into a coffeeshop to see a young man in his late twenties waiting for me patiently, newspaper spread out wide in front of him as he leaned back in his chair. I noted his tall cup of black coffee, cold due to my own inevitable lateness. At that moment I wished that he was for me.
  • Listening to Radiohead so loud at work to the point of not being able to hear when my colleagues were calling out to me.

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