An August in Tokyo.

A little late but here are the pictures I took during those eight days I was in Tokyo this year during the summer.

DSC04165 DSC04173 DSC04186 DSC04408 IMG_9263 IMG_9336 IMG_9329 IMG_9232 IMG_9268 IMG_9305 IMG_9272 IMG_9307 IMG_9299 IMG_9295 IMG_9294 IMG_9004 IMG_9279 IMG_9269 DSC04243 IMG_9221 IMG_9210 IMG_9205 IMG_9188 DSC04158 DSC04151 DSC04150 DSC04149 DSC04148

I also awoke this morning to a surprise: The Malay Mail online had featured my piece on Tokyo in their travel section yesterday.

Chances are that you may have already read it if you have frequented this blog. I must say that the support from friends and family left me with a warmth I was nevertheless glad to welcome. Felt a little self-conscious, as I always do whenever I know that my work is being observed or made obvious for public scrutiny. It’s that shy and awkward part of me which has never left, and will forever be partial to my being. But of course the fact that I got published somewhere made my day too. Step one to making some progress in terms of writing is to have an audience, after all.

Thanks for everybody’s support and love channeled my way. I am blessed in many ways.


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