Pandanus amaryllifolius.

I have been held dutifully responsible for the welfare of the Pandan plant.

I was also held responsible for the welfare of the previous Pandan plant. The one that wilted, either due to my ignorance or due to the scorching sun. Or both.

It was my mother who gave the responsibility of tending after it. In my mind, I thought that the act of watering would suffice. I mean, forests are self-sufficient collections of plants, right? So I assumed that little maintenance would be needed for a tiny potted plant.

I was wrong. A month later I became responsible for my first death. I felt icky, guilty, shitty.

Well, that Pandan plant was swiftly replaced with a new one, the current one, as a second chance given by both my mother and by Mother Nature. The same plant which seems to unfortunately be yellowing and drying up slowly, always looking like it could use a tall drink of water. Regardless of the fact that I do water it twice a day, sometimes three times, sometimes four, it continues to shrivel pitifully.

I Googled “How to save a dying plant” and “Can a yellowing plant still survive?”, but to no avail. My knowledge when it comes to gardening is, I’m afraid, really nil. Should I be changing the ratio of my soil (I vaguely remember learning this in Kemahiran Hidup a decade ago)? Are there pests hidden somewhere? Or is my dear plant diseased?

Damn. Wish I knew.

I will continue to root for your battle with the land of the living. Please survive.


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