I have been meaning to write. I have been busy, and I know I have been careless.

No huge call for error as most time slots have been messily sectioned for a variety of different activities meant to keep me occupied, the type of busy where you forget that you have a stomach and an ego and a mind to feed. It often feels like there is so much to do but there is only one of me. But I have not been unhappy, and things are mostly green, and I am okay and persisting and surviving. Whenever there arises a call of distress over the repetition of routine, as common amongst folks like myself, I remind myself that if the Japanese are able to maintain a rigid schedule in order to attain a higher state of mental strength, then realistically I should be able to do the same. Realistically.

So, something new: as part of a writing program known as UnRepresented KL, I managed to complete a short-story-and-a-half (the ‘-and-a-half’ is because story number two is not complete, and I foresee it not being completed until much later down the road). The ten weeks of this program proved to be wonderful in many aspects, firstly because I inherited with it a group of comfortable, kind, and wonderful new companions, and secondly because it gave me the exposure I needed exposing to. The story I managed to write and which I eventually read at the Cooler Lumpur festival is one that I still feel a little funny about. Hesitant, because for the first story I’ve ever completed and pushed out to the public, it arguably still has its faults. But on the other hand, I am also proud that I managed to sit through and complete something. The story is based on a person dear to my life, and I still hope to rework at it enough for it to become fuller and riper someday.

Things have been bleak here. Whatever happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 is a human atrocity if there ever was any, and my heart and prayers go out to everybody affected, from family, friends, loved ones, and any individual that has been somewhat moved by the news of great tragedy.

I will stop here for now.

If anybody out there is still reading this space, I thank you for your patience and your time and wish you the best of health.


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