Strong tunes, serious feelings.

There are many things they don’t teach you in school.

Like how to tell when somebody is lying, or how to get over feeling small when others belittle you, or how to conceal the unflattering bluish-purple of dark circles (and dark secrets), or how to deflect extremely personal questions from mak ciks, or how to stop blushing when you realise that that gawky boy has turned into a handsome man, or how to be assertive in the face of uncomfortable situations, or how to deal with heartbreak at 3am, or how to have enough confidence and self-love to understand the art and angles of taking your own lit selfies.

Sometimes when my head feels a bit clearer and I am not so pessimistic, I feel convinced that so many things can be solved (or made better) with the help of music. The right song, at the right moments, can reveal or help through so much. Maybe someday I’ll find an eloquent way of describing what it feels like whenever I listen to (Sandy) Alex G – the easy comfort, the instant love – but in the meantime all I want to do is to listen and listen and listen.


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